Music Submissions

Hi! Thank you for your interest in submitting your music to Sheena’s Jungle Room on WFMU.

Research is KEY here – do your homework and listen to the shows that you think might be a good fit for your music, and in your email submission tell us which shows you are interested in and WHY. You can find our complete schedule here:

Do not send mp3s via email, use a service such as Dropbox (or Bandcamp download codes), and include the link in your email submission. The submission should be one email and must include:

  • A download link to correctly titled MP3 Files (highest quality – 320kbps)
  • All credits and liner notes
  • Press release and/or background/

Let us know if there is a lead track you would prefer us to play.
Do NOT expect us to play your music within a week.

We are promoting your music FOR FREE so please respect that and promote us, too. TELL YOUR FANS when we let you know an air date.

Thank you for submitting to Sheena’s Jungle Room on WFMU, and good luck!